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For Burning Man 2019, sculptor Kelly Smith Cassidy created a design for the Burning Man Design Challenge: Urban Spaces for the Man Pavilion 2019. The project incorporates intimate areas for people to gather, think and express themselves. There will be five circular seating areas, all connected by artistic "spirit gateway" arches, and anchored with a small gazebo with an art piece to reflect the Burning Man theme of "METAMORPHOSES". 
Kelly and her Tahoe based teamwill be working through the summer to bring this offering to the playa this year. Their main goal of this project is to create a civically centered area where the people of Black rock city can gather, play and contemplate. 

How to help! We are looking for donations towards this project. Remember, this plaza is for you, the citizens of Black Rock City. How will you use the plaza? We imagine weddings, ceremony and everything in between! Go to our Fundrazr.com site for more info on how to donate and receive cool swag! https://fundrazr.com/BMplaza2019

If you'd like to sign up to help on community work days, click the SignUp button below. Work days will be through July and early August and will take place in Washoe Valley, NV (for the amphitheaters) and in South Lake Tahoe (flower lanterns). If you already have a ticket for Burning Man 2019 and you are interested in working on playa as a volunteer plaza guardian or MOOP volunteer, please email us: bmplaza2019@yahoo.com

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OUR TEAM Leaders

The E Pluribus Unum team was created with the intent to connect our minds to a collective Oneness and understanding. We are a group of artists, woodworkers, sculptors and innovators...and of course....Burners. 


Kelly Smith Cassidy | Artist |  Project Lead

Kelly has been a full time artists for 22 years. In 2018, she received her first Burning Man grant to create a "burnout" for the Man Pavilion. She created "Creu Hudol (Magical Being)"; a 6.5 foot sculpture made of wood, glass and crystal. She also created the ginormous stove for the Baba Yaga House an Honoraria for Burning Man 2018 and played the witch, Baba Yaga a few nights during Burning Man. 

Kevin Cassidy | Structural Tech Lead

Kevin Cassidy has been a Dentist for over 30 years and love a good technical challenge. This is his first Burning Man Project. He has a degree in Physics and is excited to use his expertise on E Pluribus Unum. 


Claire Nightingale | Project & Admin Manager

Claire is the owner/operator of Tahoe Fire Dancers. Her and her team have performed at several well-known festivals such as Wanderlust and Snowglobe as well as the Fire Conclave at Burning Man- burn night for several years.

Claire is the Administrative and Projectmanager and agent for Craig Newman Art. 

Craig Newman  | Artistic Liason

Craig Newman is an artist living in South Lake Tahoe. A long time burner, Craig has had his hand on a variety of art projects on and off playa. The most notable being the painting of the Christina Art Car. 

Craig is the MOOP Lead for the project and will be the on playa Administrative Helper. 

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